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Check Yala post code listed for you to send parcel, mail or documents.

Province District Zip Code Note
Yala Krong Pinang 95000
Yala Kabang 95120
Yala Than To 95130 For T.Mae Wat Moo.6
Yala Than To 95150
Yala Than To 95170 For T.Mae Wat Moo.1-5, Moo.7-8
Yala Bannang Sata 95130
Yala Betong 95110
Yala Mueang Yala 95000
Yala Mueang Yala 95160 For T.Phron,T.Lidon,T.Lam Mai,T.Lam Phaya
Yala Yaha 95120
Yala Raman 95140

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