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Check Phangnga post code listed for you to send parcel, mail or documents.

Province District Zip Code Note
Phangnga Kapong 82170
Phangnga Ko Yao 82160
Phangnga Ko Yao 83000 For T.Phru Nai
Phangnga Khura Buri 82150
Phangnga Takua Thung 82130
Phangnga Takua Thung 82140 For T.Khok Kloi,T.Lo Yung
Phangnga Takua Thung 82110
Phangnga Takua Thung 82190 For T.Khuekkhak,T.Ko Kho Khao,T.Bang Muang Moo.2-8,Moo.1 Eecept for that House No.22-22/..., 24-24/..., 34-34/..., 35-35/..., 46-46/..., 52-52/..., 55, 58-58/…, 59-59/...
Phangnga Thap Put 82180
Phangnga Thai Mueang 82120
Phangnga Thai Mueang 82210 For T.Lam Kaen Moo.1-3, Moo.5-6
Phangnga Amphoe Mueang Phang Nga 82000

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