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Check Chon Buri post code listed for you to send parcel, mail or documents.

Province District Zip Code Note
Chon Buri Ko Chan 20240
Chon Buri Ko Sichang 20120
Chon Buri Bo Thong 20270
Chon Buri Bo Thong 20150
Chon Buri Ban Bueng 20170
Chon Buri Ban Bueng 20220 For T.Khlong T.Kiu, Nong I-run,T.Nong Phai Kaeo
Chon Buri Phanat Nikhom 20140
Chon Buri Phanat Nikhom 20240 For T.Na Roek Moo.4-5, Moo.8-11, Moo.14-15,T.Na Wang Hin Moo.4-6,Moo.10-11
Chon Buri Phan Thong 20160
Chon Buri Mueang Chonburi 20000
Chon Buri Mueang Chonburi 20130 For T.Ban Puek,T.Saen Suk,T.Mueang,T.Samet Moo.7-8,T.Huai Kapi Moo.4-5
Chon Buri Mueang Chonburi 20131 For government sector and Burapha University dormitory
Chon Buri Si Racha 20110
Chon Buri Si Racha 20230 For T.Thung Suk La,T.Bueng,T.Bo Win,T.Nong Kham Moo.1, Moo.5, Moo.10-11
Chon Buri Sattahip 20180
Chon Buri Sattahip 20182 For Sattahip Naval Base
Chon Buri Sattahip 20250 For T.Na Chom Thian,T.Bang Sare
Chon Buri Sattahip 20251 For A new military training unit and Naval Rating School
Chon Buri Nong Yai 20190

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