Term and conditions

Flash Express Co., Ltd.


“Flash” and “Flash Express”

Means Flash Express Co., Ltd., shipment service provider that included employees, recipient agents, and sub-contractors.


 Means person who passes the shipment through Flash Express Co., Ltd. 


Means item which packed into packaging for processing shipment through Flash xpress Co., Ltd.  and any other item that is, to be or has been processed by and under service of Flash Express Co., Ltd.


refers to the receiver of the Goods to be delivered by Flash Express.  


refers to a package containing Goods or other transportable property intended for delivery to an addressee whose name and address are conspicuously written on at least one of its sides.  

“Claimed Goods” 

when there is damage or loss solely caused by Flash Express Co., Ltd. to the Goods and then such Goods is claimed monetarily by the consignor/consignee for such damage and/or loss.

“Un-returnable Goods” 

means the Goods that the consignee refuses the delivery or cannot be delivered due to any other reason, and the return address of the sender/ Recipient is incorrect, incomplete, missing, or not available, or the sender/ Recipient cannot be contacted resulting that the Goods is returned to Flash Express Co., Ltd.’s custody.


Means a The packaging will consist of cartons, bags, sacks, wooden crates, pallets or buckets, tape, rope, plastic wrap, cushioning material. Except for straps, we are not counted as packaging

“Consignment Notes”

Means a document provided by Flash Express Co., Ltd. and hand to a receiver as an evident of received parcels from a consignors.

Shipment Standard

  1.Parcel requirement (size and weight) and remote areas need to be following Flash Express specific requirements:

(a) standard Parcels

Size : Width, Length, Height each side must not exceed 150 centimeters; The total of three sides must not exceed 280 centimeters 

Weight: Maximum of 50 kilograms. 

(b) Bulky Parcels

 1. General Customer (GE)

Size : Width, Length, Height each side must not exceed 190 centimeters; The total of three sides must not exceed 400 centimeters 

Weight: Maximum of 100 kilograms. 

 2. Key Account Customer (KA)

Size : Width, Length, Height each side must not exceed 220 centimeters; The total of three sides must not exceed 500 centimeters 

Weight: Maximum of 100 kilograms. 

**Remark : 1. Special areas or remote areas as specified by the comoany 2. One parcel per one tracking Number 

  2.Package Specifications

1. Products with no packaging cannot be delivered. (The original packaging that is the package of that product, such as paper boxes, wooden boxes, sacks are not called as packaging, need to pack in another layer of parcel box)

2. Irregular-shaped Products are not acceptable for delivering such as Machinery products must be packaged into a parcel box (square) before delivering.

3. Fragile Products (such as glass, mirrors, tiles and picture frames) must be wrapped tightly with bubble cushioning separately and must put the cushioning materials on each side and eight corners of the package. The outer packaging must be protected by cushioned Materials.

4. Use high-quality packaging boxes that is strong, durable and cushioning.

5. Use a packaging box that is suitable for each type of Products, in relation to size and weight of the product and stick the tape firmly.

6. Do not use unsuitable packaging such as alteration of packaging conditions, junction of boxes, should use packaging designed for express delivery of the right size for the product.

7. Cushioning material (Such as sponge, bubble , foam material, straw rope, etc.) can not be used as the outer packaging of the product.

8. Use cushioning materials to avoid the movement of all Products in the package. If there are more than one Product in the package, there should be gaps between each product to prevent the product from colliding with each other.

9. For wooden box packaging, the width of each wooden strip must be more than 5 centimeters and the thickness is more than 1.5 centimeters, or its thickness and width are both more than 3 centimeters. All sides must be connected together and the distance between adjacent wooden strips cannot be more than 30 centimeters. 

10. Bulky Products need to be in their original factory packaging and pack it in another layer of the parcel box. If there is no parcel box that can be filled, it needs to be packed in a pallet with a height of at least 8 centimeters, or packed in a wooden 

11. For the Product that uses pallet packaging, the product must not extend beyond the edge of the pallet, otherwise there is a risk of damage during transportation.

12. If it is necessary to re-use the old packaging, make sure that the box is still in good condition or incorruptible and must be pulled out the old label, phone number and address information in order not to confuse the delivery staff.

13. One label per one parcel. Multiple parcels cannot be bundled into one piece with packing tape or film.

14. Tree products should use a packaging box for trees especially that has strong characteristics. The structure of the paper box is suitable. (Do not use all types of plastic packaging)

15. Fruit products should use packaging boxes for fruits especially that have strong characteristics with air vent. The structure of the paper box is suitable and properly wrap the product according to the type of fruit.

16. Packaging in sack bag must use a sack bag to suit the type of product. Suitable for product size and weight (Do not use the Flash's bagging bag) must be strong, durable, not easily torn and must specify the branch name, Tracking number on the packaging with a permanent maker pen clearly.

Note: Unsuitable packaging can damage other parcels. Flash Express may terminate the delivery without advance notice. Please carefully read the terms and conditions for receiving parcels.

The following table is the minimum packaging requirements. If the packaging is not up to standard and the parcel is damaged  will be responsible for any damages.

Example of small package. If your goods are not properly packed, flash will not accept your goods.

Large package example: how to ensure safe transportation

Packing and handling large, heavy, or irregularly shaped items require extra attention. These items usually cannot be stacked or transported on a conveyor belt. If your goods are not packed correctly,Flash will not accept your goods.

Irregular Items                                                 Tires

 Windshield                                   Cylindrical shaped product

Large electronic products               Baggage, sports equipment and musical instruments

Long tube / pipe / roll                                      Rugs

Instruction for a sender on fresh fruit parcel delivery

1. Goods Qualification: To delivery fresh fruit, a sender must select fruit before ripening stage considering for delivery duration and in-side packaging temperature because both factors result in fruit ripening and may be early rotten.

2. Goods Packaging: Packing fresh fruit into packages before sending to Flash. The sender must follow the following instructions:

    (a) To delivery fresh fruit, it must be packed in fruit box only. Client should be selected strong packaging and appropriate paper box structure with suitable fruit characteristics due to fruit can be sensitively damaged.

    (b) It’s important to be more carefully on packing the fresh fruit into fruit box. It must not be stacked in several layers because it will cause a pressure and fresh fruit will get damage because of its sensitive skin. During the delivery, fresh fruit might move and collide with each other which the risk of short life and rotten fruit may occur.

     (c) For simple fruit and medium size, client should apply additional inside packing to prevent damage, especially for sensitive fruit skin or high value fruit. Using fruit foam net, plastic bag, net bag or fruit foam tray are good way against fruit collision in packages.

3. Weight and size regulations: Client is requested to provide fully pack, not too tight or too small in order to avoid stacking damage during transportation e.g. it’s common that service provider will be stacked parcel for multiple layers and that can be impacted on the bottom box. Therefore, shipper should emphasize proper packaging and ensure the fruit will be delivered to destination in good condition.

**Note: Fruit packaging requirement "FLASH will accept only fresh fruit, not consist of processed fruit products", such as fruits in syrup or coconut jelly. 


* The company reserves the right to consider compensation for damages If your package does not meet the company requirements

Responsibility of Loss or Damage for fresh fruit

(1)  FLASH will only be liable for the case of lose or shortage to fresh fruit limited to proven damages up to an amount not exceeding THB 2,000 per shipment. The sender must present the value of the product to Flash (Flash will not be responsible for misrepresenting the value of the product or for reporting a higher value than the actual amount).

(2) In case of a delay in the delivery of fresh fruit more than 5 days and fresh fruits got damaged or rotten due to Flash delivery process, the sender is able to claim the proven damages to Flash by providing the photos of the damaged fresh fruit parcel with a receipt (if applicable). In case of a receipt cannot be provided, Flash will investigate and consider a compensation in accordance with the market price on the date of damage or loss occurred.  However, the compensation is limited to proven damages up to an amount not exceeding THB 2,000 per shipment.

Remark :

              (a) The responsibility of loss or damage which stated above does not cover the peeled fruit which is considered as a processed fruit (restricted goods). Flash will consider claim compensation for processed fruit delivery only in case of loss, but not exceeding 2,000 baht per shipment.

              (b) Flash reserves the right to consider compensation for damages If your package of fresh fruit parcel does not meet the company requirements.

              (c) Fresh fruit parcel cannot purchase any of add-on services except for Packaging damage insurance.

              (d) Since the fruit is a fragile item, if the parcel is rotten or damaged due to the customer's rescheduling, Flash Express reserves the right not to make a claim for the parcel.

 3. Prohibited goods

   Prohibited parcels refer to the types of products that Flash Express does not delivery. Once found, Flash has the right to transfer them to the relevant departments for processing, and will not be liable for damage or loss of the prohibited parcels.

3.1 Products that Flash Express deems inappropriate for delivery. (Risk of safety in life and property of the company and staffs)

3.2 All Kind of weapons or imitation weapon such as guns, bullets, bomb, airsoft guns, fish shooting guns, BB guns, toy guns, sharp objects without covering such as knives, swords, spears, axes, etc.

3.3 Illegal Products, Tax evasion products, Smuggled products such as Electronic cigarette, Shisha, Baraku, IQOS, E-cigarette liquid and Tax evasion cigarettes. Pirated Products, Infringement Products, Counterfeit Products, Gambling Products, Products that do not comply with national legal regulations and secret governmental documents.

3.4 All kinds of Narcotic according to the Narcotic Act. Such as Opium (including opium stems, opium flowers, opium leaves), Morphine, Cocaine, Heroin, Amphetamine, Ecstasy, Ice, Ephedrine, Tobacco, etc.

For narcotics with conditions prohibiting delivery or can be delivered according to the table below,

3.5 Products that are dangerous to national security, Products with a pattern of national flag, Products that discredit the royal family or religion, Propaganda media including all kinds of obscene materials such as books, paintings, prints, advertisements, movies, etc.

3.6 All kinds of Flammable and explosive product, such as flammable materials, fireworks, firecrackers, gunpowder, flammable solids and liquids, gas (gas tank, canned gas, gas stoves), engine oil, lacquer oil. All types of batteries, lighters, phosphorus, sulfur, matches box, fuel, oil paints, products containing methane, ethanol, hydrogen, nitrogen, canned spray or canned aerosol. (Can be seen the flammable substance symbol on the product label)

3.7 All kinds of hazardous chemicals and toxic chemicals such as cyanide, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, pesticides, insecticides, hydrogen peroxide, organic solvents, hazardous chemical fertilizers, thallium, arsenic, dichloromethane, etc.

3.8 Radioactive substances or containers containing radioactive components such as cobalt, plutonium, uranium, radium, cesium, iridium, etc.

3.9 Biochemical products and Infectious products that can cause the epidemic of disease in humans and animals, such as objects containing microorganisms, anthrax substances, dangerous pathogens, used diagnostic kits and medical waste, etc.

3.10 Animals, Animal carcass, Organisms, Human body Such as Tissue, Human organs, etc.

3.11 All kinds of Document that specify Personal data, General documents and Official documents issued either in Original or Copy such as ID card, Driving license, Passport, Birth certificate, Contract Documents, Wills, Title deeds, Policies, etc.

3.12 Financial Documents such as All Currencies (both banknotes and coins), Stocks, Bonds, Cheques, Credit cards, Debit cards, Cash cards, Pledges, Government lottery, GSB lotteries, Bank Statements, etc.

3.13 High-priced products, Invaluable products, Products of sentimental value or Products that cannot be substituted such as Diamonds, Gold bars, Gold ornaments, Buddha statue, Sacred objects, Amulets, Pearls, Gems, Precious metal materials, Offerings, Artworks, Paintings, Antiques, Collectibles, Silver jewelry, Precious stones, etc.

3.14 Medical supplies and equipment products including animal and plant specimens such as Research specimens, Blood samples, Urine samples, Various secretions, Experimental equipment, etc.

3.15 All kinds of letters and postcards.

3.16 Products that require special permits for delivery.

 4. Restricted goods

      Restricted goods refer to items that are easily damaged, fragile, perishable, and easily contaminated, and can be transported if the packaging meets the specifications. If the item is damaged, expired or rotted, the company will not compensate in any case. In the event of loss, compensation can be claimed. at actual value which will not exceed 2,000 baht. (For customer who purchased value insurance, the maximum amount of loss or damage compensation will not exceed 5,000 baht.)

4.1 Goods made of fragile material such as glass, mirrors, stone, ceramic, or porcelain. such as glass, utensils, glass bottles, plates, lamps, mirrors, special models made of plastics etc.

4.2 Fragile goods such as TV, cupboard, monitor, chandelier, mobile phone, computer, notebook, wall clock etc.

4.3 Music instruments such as guitars, drums, and electrons.

4.4 Snack, dry food, cooked food, and food which will expire in 5 days and include all food that can't specify expired date, need to be packed in appropriate packaging

4.5 In addition to the liquid items of highly prohibited items., such as beverages, products that contain liquid, etc.

4.6 Second-hand goods (New or used goods which had been sold to new buyer)

 5.Unclaimable goods

     Unclaimable goods refer to the types of items that Flash can carry but do not accept claims for damage or loss. Parcels that cannot be claimed include but are not limited to the following:

5.1 Plants and plant specimens: flowers, saplings, etc.

5.2 Ticket items, such as receipts, coupons, event tickets.

5.3 Fresh or perishable food products, such as fresh meat, cooked food,fresh vegetable etc.

5.4 Used goods (Used goods which hadn’t been sold to new buyer)

 6. Picked-up standard

   6.1 In addition to the above prohibited/restricted items, Flash Express also has the right to refuse delivery and/or suspend delivery of the following items:

       a. No Identity document proof of the sender such as ID card or passport (Foreigners).

       b. Parcels that do not clearly specify the sender or recipient information or information that is not true such as name, address (House number, Village, Street, Building, Floor, Sub-district, District, Province, Postal code), Phone number of the recipient and sender.

       c. Parcels that Flash considered ineligible for delivery or have been used unsuitable packaging. and the customer does not want to change the packaging.

       e. Products or Special packaging that Flash considered potentially hazardous to the delivery process or may risk the safety of staff.

       f. Parcels that Flash considered their value or operations cannot be delivered efficiently.

    6.2 To ensure deliver products safely Customers should comply with the following regulations:

       a. Inform the details of the product truthfully both types of products, General characteristics of the product, Packing and Specify the information of the recipient and sender correctly and completely such as name, address (House number, Village, Street, Building, Floor, Sub-district, District, Province, Postal code), Phone number and In the case that the customer conceals the information or inform false information or Flash found that the product is not as described causing a delay in delivery or the product is damaged, lost, or otherwise suffered that the Flash may be damaged or lost, The sender will be all responsible. And if Flash Express or any other company under the contract (Supplier) is inspected by the Customs Department or another government department due to the delivery of prohibited parcels, Illegal parcels or in the case of concealment, Flash Express reserves the right to claim any fine or other damages (if any) against the sender in full.

       b. According to the characteristics and type of products delivered (Especially products that at risk of damage) Customer should provide appropriate protection for the products to guarantee the safety of delivery.

       c. Customer must comply with strict Thai laws and Flash conditions, and cooperate with Flash if requested to open a parcel and packaging inspection. If Flash finds that your product is prohibited or restricted including illegal products, smuggling products, Tax evasion, false declaration, dangerous products according to the terms and conditions of Flash Express, Flash has the right to suspend delivery in order to perform Flash processes or government department processes. For such products, Flash Express reserves the right to deliver to the relevant authorities and to cooperate with the relevant authorities for further legal action.

Procedure for consignor request warranty


In case of damage or loss of parcels during the delivery, please file the claim within 7 days from receipt of Parcels delivered or 3 calendar days from the date of parcels returned. Any complaint which has been filed after the stipulated days shall not be entertained.Note: In the event that the product is partially damaged, the company will consider compensation for the actual value of the product as stated in the receipt. However, damaged parcels might not be titled for damages if it is Prohibited goods or irreclaimable goods.

request claim Chanel

In case of parcel was lost or damaged a during shipment you can request a claim through this chanel :

1. Apply claim via APP

2. Apply claim via Link:https:/user-ui.flashexpress.com/#/login

In case of parcel was damaged consignor must keep parcels with consinor untill the process is completed. If the claim has been approved, Flash Express has the right to return the parcel from the customer in all cases. In this regard, it shall be deemed that the consignor and/or the consignee has explicitly abandoned the ownership and/or possessory rights of the Goods/parcel and Flash Express Co., Ltd. shall be entitled to dispose such claimed Goods/parcel. In this respect, the consignor and/or the Recipient, as the case may be, hereby further agrees not to file a lawsuit or other legal claims or charges t against Flash Express Co., Ltd., other than to enforce his or her rights under these terms and conditions.”

Please visit website Flash Express > Apply for Claim Example:  https://www.flashexpress.co.th/en/call-center/apply-for-compensation 

Documents needed for requesting claim

Lost case

1. Copy of ID card

2. Copy of the front page of the bank passbook

3. Chat record of transaction or declaration of value

4. Picture of the lost item

Damage case

1. Copy of ID card

2. Copy of the front page of the bank passbook

3. Chat record of transaction or declaration of value

4. Picture of the completely damaged product or partially damaged product

5. Picture showing the packaging of the product inside. including the placement of products in the box

6. Left, right, top and bottom side pictures of the parcel

7. Clearly visible label images

Shortage case

1. Copy of ID card

2. Copy of the front page of the bank passbook

3. Chat record of transaction or declaration of value

4. Left, right, top and bottom side pictures of the parcel

5. Picture or video while unpacking the parcel (if any)

6. Image of the weighing of the received parcel

7. Picture of the missing product

8. Clearly visible label images

Agreement regarding the ownership of the claimed goods

After you have received the compensation from your claim, it shall be deemed that you hereby consents and agrees that the ownership of the claimed goods shall automatically be transferred to Flash Express without further consent, and Flash Express shall be entitled to do any action with such claimed goods according to its own discretion including but not limited to sell or destroy such goods. You further agree to waive your rights to request for the compensation, responsibilities including to implead either civil or criminal case against Flash Express in relation to any action of Flash Express performed under this agreement.

 7. Special Handling of Un-returnable Goods

Refused Shipment, Returned Shipments refused by the consignee, or which for any other reason cannot be delivered, will be held, and FLASH will attempt to contact the shipper for further instructions, including return. Failure of the consignor and/or Recipient to pick up the Un-returnable Goods, together with sufficient evidence, within a reasonable period of time to be determined at Flash’s sole discretion (not to exceed thirty days), shall be deemed that ownership and/or possessory right of the Un-returnable Goods are explicitly abandoned, and Flash Express Co., Ltd. shall be entitled to dispose such Un-returnable Goods according to its own discretion including but not limited to sell or destroy such goods. In this regard, the consignor and/or Recipient hereby further agrees not to file a lawsuit or other legal claim or charge against Flash Express Co., Ltd., other than to enforce his or her rights under this terms and conditions.

Liability of Flash Express

1. Flash Express’s liability is limited to direct loss and damage and a maximum of 2,000 Thai baht per Consignment Notes unless warranty were included. And, the warranty is not covered the freight

2. For the goods which applied additional warranty of claim and lost. If any damage or lost of goods were mattered by Flash Express, Flash Express will response the damage or lost depend on actual price of goods and maximum of coverage agreed with Flash Express. (If the package is restricted, damaged or lost, the compensation amount is not more than 5000 baht) and, the response is not covered the freight.

Product value (฿)Parcel insurance (฿)
≤ 5,0007
5,001   - 10,00020
10,001   - 20,00030
20,001   - 30,00050
30,001   - 50,00080
50,001   - 100,000190
100,001   - 200,000340
200,001   - 300,000570
300,001   - 400,000760
400,001   - 500,000950

This insurance product is operated and provided by LW Insure Broker Co., Ltd. (Insurance Business License Number: ว00011/2566), and is insured by Dhipaya Insurance Public Company Limited, attachments and endorsements are subject to the insurance policy.

3. Flash Express will not under any circumstances be liable for:

     a. Lost or damaged for any shipment containing items that ia prohibited good or restricted goods

     b. any damege goods that have been inspected by government agencies.For example, an officer inspects the parcel to see if it is an illegal product or not.

     c. Lost or damaged of any shipment due to circumstances beyond Flash Express control included damage from electrical or magnetic field, loss of data from electric storage, damage of goods that Flash Express were known. Act or omit by employee or unemployed person of Flash Express, recipient agent, sub-contractors, or Government officials.

       d. Damage or loss caused by the indirect receipt designated by the recipient.

       e. A single parcel can only be claim once. If Flash has already been paid, the customer cannot initiate another payment application for the parcel that has already been paid.

        f. Customer must request for a Claim and submit Claim Documents within 7 days (From the date of confirmation of Damaged/Lost parcel status in the Flash Express system)

Service Fee

Please on the official website https:/www.flashexpress.co.th in a Flash, Express the formal announcement shall prevail.

Cash on Delivery Service (COD)

      Flash Express reserves the right to refuse for processing "Cash on Delivery Service (COD)" transactions to sender, in the event that fraudulent act of the sender is detected.

Deduction of COD for facilitating the Client’s debts settlement

If the Client has any outstanding debt owed to FLASH and/or its affiliates, including but not limited to Flash Money Co., Ltd. (the “Creditor”), the Client hereby irrevocably agrees and consents FLASH to deduct any or all of the money collected from the COD service to repay such outstanding debt to the Creditor. FLASH shall immediately repay the deducted money to the Creditor. Once the Creditor receives the money, it shall be deemed that the Client has already paid the outstanding debt to the Creditor.

Subject to the terms and conditions stipulated in this clause, the Client agrees and acknowledges that Flash is solely a service provider for facilitating transactions by deducting funds received from COD service, either in full or in part, for the purpose of paying outstanding debts to the Creditor as instructed by the Client. It shall not be deemed that Flash is acting as a bank, financial institution, financial service provider, trustee, custodian, or Client's fund manager. In the event of any problems arising from the deduction thereof and thereunder, the Client agrees to contact Flash's group companies and/or resolve the matter by itself, and Flash shall have no liability therefor whatsoever.

Parcel inspected by Government agency

1. All parcels must be complied with all laws and regulations, including the Customs rules.

2. We reserve the right to open and investigate a parcel without prior notice. If the parcel is considered as dangerous or illegal goods.

3. In case of Police officer, Government agency or Customs officer have an attention to open and inspect the parcel, we must strictly comply with the instructions of the inspector.The company reserves the right to interpret unopened and unchecked packages.

4. According to Clause 3, In case of Police officer, Government agency or a Customs officer have an attention to open and inspect the parcel, we reserve the right according to following details:

           a. Flash Express will not responsible for any damage or uncontrollable situation that might impact the parcel during inspection process.

           b. For a parcel which is inspected,the parcels will not cover by Freight Insurance Policy. 

           c. For a parcel which is inspected or seize by Police officer, Government agency or Customs officer, A customer must contact to Officer directly in order to provide the information to get the rights of parcel by themselves.

           d. For The customer who want Flash Express  to ship the parcel after the officer release the parcel, such customer has to re-booking and pay transportation charges again, after that Flash will go to pick up parcel from Officer and deliver to Destination.

Regulations Law and jurisdictions

These terms and conditions are regulation and construed in accordance with Thai law. The conflict are arising from the service between users and flash express services under governed by the Thai court.

The amendment of revise

Flash Express maybe change these terms and conditions. From time to time for various reasons Which includes to improve the company's practices to comply with the Flash service changes and comply with relevant law of company. By using the service, users are agreement to these terms and conditions of use.

Legal Application and Dispute Resolution

1. Taking into account the interests of Flash Express, in addition to the laws prescribed by Thailand, those who have contradictions with Flash Express within the scope of these articles will be sanctioned by the courts of the local state, and the perpetrators shall unconditionally accept the legal trial sanctions

2. The final interpretation right of this agreement belongs to Flash Express.