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Flash Express's Opening Ceremony

09.05.2561|By Flash Express

In May 8th, 2018, Flash Express held the opening ceremony of the company at Central World and was warmly welcomed. We are very grateful to all customers, stars, journalists and guests, and hope that our Flash Express can serve you and send your parcels safely and quickly.

Flash Express's Opening Ceremony

At present, the trend of the parcel delivery market is annually increasing by 20% in Thailand, and the number of consumers who wish to send urgent parcels is growing. Therefore, Flash Express plans to invest more than 2.5 billion baht in 2018 to maximize the development of its logistics business in Thailand. As a new option to securely and quickly deliver customer packages, Flash Express has a team of qualified and knowledgeable experts in both domestic and international shipping. With more than 20 years of experience and a technical development team working with Alibaba and Alipay. We are committed to providing high quality, user-friendly and competitively priced courier services to Thailand and even Southeast Asia with the best talent, technology and customer experience.

Flash Express knows clearly about the problems of parcel sending, such as going to the post office in person, waiting in a long queue, or even vacating for sending a parcel. But we will help you solve these problems, download our courier app, and click on "Order", we will quickly and freely pick up your parcel. At present, Flash Express can provide delivery services nationwide, and we focus on fast and efficient services. In addition, we know that customers are worried about the process of sending packages, so we use advanced technology to allow you to manage your order online, tracking your parcels, shipping time and shipping assistance anytime. This year, non-stop serve you, we will deliver packages to you in 365 days a year in order to support the E-commerce business. Furthermore, we can offer you parcel deposit service.

In addition, Flash Express values developing knowledge and capabilities of young generations. We have established “Flash Express @ University Shop” projects with prestigious universities across Thailand to support young people with entrepreneurial ideas. In 2019 we plan to work with 10 countries in Southeast Asia to launch an international parcel delivery service. We look forward to using Thailand's logistics development as a model to promote Thailand's economy and investment and make progress and growth of ASEAN business.

In short, Flash Express is very grateful to all customers for giving us the opportunity to take care of your package. We believe that every shipment will be delivered to your hands quickly and safely, just to win your smile.