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Flash Express KA System( KAS)is a self-service software developed by Flash Express that is tailored for big customers with demand on order-management services. With a flexible interface, KAS makes it easy to import/query/manage orders, manage shipments on commission, batch print labels, book online, and Open-API is supported, in order to provide you comprehensive services.

Please download and install the packages below. We provide the packages on Windows. Please download the KA package. The minimum version of the Microsoft .NET Framework for the system is 4.5.2. You can also download the version 4.7.1 in the current page if necessary.

Note: For any problems about KAS, please Contact Us

  • Type Package Name Version Download
  • KA FlashExpress_KA_System.exe V2.3.0
  • Flashexpress Printer Driver Setup Flashexpress Printer Driver Setup V2.4.2
  • .NET Framework NDP471-KB4033342-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe V4.7.1

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