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What packaging materials should I use for my parcel??

Last update 11.12.2561

The safety of your parcels depends greatly upon the type and quality of your packaging materials. Below are some packaging materials you can use for parcels.

Box for packaging should have industry standard with durable double walled corrugated cardboard for the best protection of parcels.
(2)Cushioning materials
To protect more fragile items, you need to fill your box with cushioning materials to ensure safe parcel delivery. Cushioning materials include: bubble wrap, polystyrene chips, or newspaper.
Parcels must be sealed tightly and securely to ensure that it does not open in transit. Household tape is NOT a good choice for packaging. You should seal all edges where the flaps of your carton meet securely and tightly with 48mm or 50mm wide plastic tape.
(4)Triangular shaped materials
Some rolled items should be packaged with triangular shaped materials such as triangular cylinders for the best protection. Tubular cylinders are more easily crushed.

For all the packaging materials you'll need, whatever you are shipping, please contact out branch or courier.

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