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1、(1)Where you shipping? First, specify your destination and where we can pick up your parcel. Flash Express now serves 77 provinces throughout Thailand and can pick up and deliver your parcel from door to door. You can also confirm if there is a Flash Express Branch nearby you. Please refer to search for service branch page to find the nearest Flash Express Branch 2、(2)What are you shipping ? You'll need to specify the dimensions, weight of your items to be sent. Our range of shipping service can handle virtually any shipment you required, excluding dangerous shipment and some items not included in our shipping service range. 3、(3)Packing Your Items Packing your items carefully to avoid any damage in transit. Please refer to this page to learn "how to pack your items". 4、(4)Book a Pick-up Service When your shipment is ready, choose the best time slot for a free pick up service. Our couriers will pick up your parcel at the given time slot. You can call us (02)168-2111 or booking online.

1、 For individual customers, the delivery fee is calculated based on the size, weight and destination of the shipment. Our delivery fee starts from 25 Baht. For individual customers, please refer to our standard price list or our shipping cost calculator tools to calculate your shipping cost. For business customers, please contact our customer service to inquire discounted delivery fee. 2、 Please make sure you check your parcels' dimensions and weight before you ship in case of any surcharge.

1、 The additional fee is calculated based on the origin and destination of shipment. For individual customer, the remote area or special areas additional fee starts from 50 Baht per consignment, while for business customers, please contact our customer service to inquire additional fee.Please refer to search for service branch to check if there is a Flash Express Branch nearby you or in your local area.

1、 Shippers have no requirement of minimum shipment to be eligible for business customers. We'll sign contract with business customers who have to send a large number of parcels every day. Every business customer can access to our KA Service and get exclusive discount price. If you want to be our account customer, please Contact us for further inquiries.

1、 It depends on the origin and destination of shipment. The shipment from same city sent before the cut-off time will be delivered to the destination on the next day including weekends and national holidays (we can ship your parcels all the year around). The shipment from different city will be delivered in 1-2 days (including weekends and national holidays). It will take 2-3 days for shipment to remote areas.

1、 Flash Express Account is necessary for you to get comprehensive, safe and reliable service. We have simplified our online registration process. You can also login with your Facebook account. For individual customers, you can simply book online using our shipping service. For business customers, our KA Service may be more suitable. Contact us if you need assistance choosing the right solution for your business.

1、 The majority of the collection time for our branches starts from 9 a.m. to 5.pm including weekends and national holidays. Please arrange your collection for a day when you can stay at the address. Be aware that at busy period, such as peak online shopping days when people are buying thousands of goods online, our collection times as well as delivery times will be extended. But we'll always try our best to meet your shipping demands.

1、 If you don't know the postcode, please check with our checking postcode tools or contact us. Incorrect postcodes won't cause delivery delays or unnecessary loses. But right postcode can guarantee your shipment can get to where you want.

1、 To change or cancel your booking, please cancel it on our delivery app or call us (02)168-2111. There is no additional fee if you cancel your booking request before collection.

1、 You can use our online booking service, our delivery app or call us (02)168-2111 to re-arrange your delivery. If your shipment has not been collected, please call us (02)168-2111 or find the nearest Flash Express branch to send your parcel..

1、 Currently, we only provide delivery service to Thailand. Flash Express has spread its branches all over the Thailand. But we can't deliver your parcels to some remote areas of Thailand. Please visit search for service branch page to check if we can deliver your parcels to where you want. Or you can call us (02)168-2111 to make sure if we can deliver your parcels to remote areas.

1、 Flash Express has specific weight and size limits for the parcels that you send with Flash Express service. The limits below only apply to individual packages while there are no restrictions to the total weight or size of your shipment or the total amount of parcels in your shipment. 2、 (1)Packages can be up to 50KG. 3、 (2)The sum of length, width and height of package can be up to 280cm. 4、 (3)Single side of packages can be up to 100cm. 5、 Currently, shipments larger or heavier than the limits listed below can be delivered by our service. Please contact Flash Logistics to inquire the details.

1、 When sending your parcels by Flash Express, each package must have weight and dimensions. Shipping cost are calculated according to the weight, dimensions and origins and destinations of your shipment. Before you send your parcels with Flash Express, it's better for you to know the weight of your parcels in kilograms as well as the dimensions of your parcel in centimeters.If you do have no idea of the weights and dimensions of packages: 2、 (1)Weigh yourself on the bathroom scales with and without the parcel then compare the difference between you and the package; 3、 (2)Search for a similar item on internet and check out weights and dimensions are often shown in the products' description. 4、 We strongly recommend you get weights and dimensions as accurate as possible, which ensure you avoid further charges and any possible delivery delays. It is also best that dimensions and weight are entered to ensure an accurate rate quote.

1、The following articles are prohibited from shipment by Flash Express:
(1)Various living animals. 2、 (2)The bones of humans or animals, including parts and organs of the body. 3、 (3)Cold food and perishable items (such as fruits, vegetables, etc.). 4、 (4)Drugs and dangerous drugs. 5、 (5)Illegal forgery of articles, articles prohibited by circulation or shipment by national laws. 6、 (6)Dangerous goods, explosives, toxic substances, and firearms, ammunition and control equipment. 7、 (7)All porn products. 8、 (8)All financial contract documents: such as stocks and bonds. 9、 (9)Oxidizers, peroxides, sprayers and flammable materials. 10、 (10)Unpackaged or packaged packages that do not conform to the goods. 11、 (11)Infringement of intellectual property rights and counterfeit and shoddy goods. 12、 (12)Valuables: such as cash, gold, credit cards, etc. 13、 (13)Goods with a strong odor: such as durian. 14、 (14)Fragile goods, or goods that can cause other packages to be lost. 15、 (15)All liquids. 16、 (16)Confidential documents, as well as supporting documents issued by the government to citizens: such as ID cards, passports, driver's licenses, etc.

1、The following articles are considered dangerous or hazardous Goods:
Drugs and dangerous drugs. 2、 Illegal forgery of articles, articles prohibited by circulation or shipment by national laws. 3、 Dangerous goods, explosives, toxic substances, and firearms, ammunition and control equipment. 4、 Oxidizers, peroxides, sprayers and flammable materials. 5、 Gases 6、 Oxidizing agents 7、 Organic peroxides 8、 Flammable gas 9、 Non-flammable nontoxic gas 10、 Toxic gas 11、 Flammables like, flammable liquids, radioactive materials, corrosives, miscellaneous

1、Please follow these tips:
(1)Choose a box strong enough to hold the items you send. 2、 (2)Select and use proper inner packaging materials. 3、 (3)Wrap your items individually and surround them with bubble sheeting or loose-fill materials. Securely seal your package with plastic or nylon reinforced tape. 4、 (4)Properly label your package and input full shipping information such as postal codes, origin and destination, phone numbers that will help with delivery. 5、 With Flash Express online shipping service, you can easily prepare your shipments online.

1、The safety of your parcels depends greatly upon the type and quality of your packaging materials. Below are some packaging materials you can use for parcels. 2、(1)Boxes Box for packaging should have industry standard with durable double walled corrugated cardboard for the best protection of parcels. 3、(2)Cushioning materials To protect more fragile items, you need to fill your box with cushioning materials to ensure safe parcel delivery. Cushioning materials include: bubble wrap, polystyrene chips, or newspaper. 4、(3)Tape Parcels must be sealed tightly and securely to ensure that it does not open in transit. Household tape is NOT a good choice for packaging. You should seal all edges where the flaps of your carton meet securely and tightly with 48mm or 50mm wide plastic tape. 5、(4)Triangular shaped materials Some rolled items should be packaged with triangular shaped materials such as triangular cylinders for the best protection. Tubular cylinders are more easily crushed. 6、 For all the packaging materials you'll need, whatever you are shipping, please contact out branch or courier.

1、 We offer free packaging material such as tapes, forms, and labels for customers. You can also purchase additional packing materials and supplies, such as boxes from our couriers or branches. Please inquire the price details at our branches or call our customer service: (02)168-2111.

1、 For security or other regulatory requirements, Flash reserves the right to unpack the shipment without notice. All parcels may be subject to security screening. This may include the use of x-ray, explosive trace detection and other security screening methods. Please note that any shipment may be opened by government agencies (such as police) while in the care of Flash Express. Flash Express has no control over these requests.

1、 We currently have no expedited shipping service. But we can send a driver immediately and wait for the shipment to be ready. There will be no surcharge for waiting. You can schedule a pickup online or use our delivery app to book courier.

1、 If we are given a wrong address, we will contact the customer for re-direction of the delivery. If there is no other address then the shipment will be returned to the shipper.

1、 Our courier can arrive at your door any time from 9am to 5pm, so please arrange your collection for a day when you can stay at the address. 2、 We are unable to specify time for collection as this will depend on when the collection courier is in the area. If you are unable to be at the collection areas for the full day, then perhaps you could arrange an alternative collection address e.g. your workplace or a neighbor's house.

1、 Yes, someone else can collect on your behalf providing they have the order confirmation email and proof of identity (for the person the order is addressed to)

1、 Yes, drop off service is available If you prefer to drop off your parcel rather than waiting in to have it collected from you, simply book a drop-off service. You can find your most convenient drop-off branch by checking our service branch. If you're not sure how to find your local Flash Express branch, our customer service can help you.

1、 You don't have to wait till Monday to send a parcel -- just book a collection with Flash Express. You can get collections as well as deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays with Flash Express. 2、 Wherever it's going and whatever it requires, Flash Express will collect, handle and deliver your shipment with all the speed and care it demands.

1、 Sure! You can send as many parcels as you would like to. For Key Customers, we strongly recommend you use our KA Service System if you have multiple parcels to be sent every day. KA Service System if you have multiple parcels to be sent every day. 2、 We offer our customers flexibility to arrange parcel collections and deliveries. We help individuals and businesses handle their shipment, whether they want to send a single parcel or multiple parcels. You can book in a collection for numerous parcels with shipping labels we'll provide you ready to print out.