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How is the delivery fee calculated?

Last update 11.12.2561

For individual customers, the delivery fee is calculated based on the size, weight and destination of the shipment. Our delivery fee starts from 40 Baht. For individual customers, please refer to our standard price list or our shipping cost calculator tools to calculate your shipping cost. For business customers, please contact our customer service to inquire discounted delivery fee.

Please make sure you check your parcels' dimensions and weight before you ship in case of any surcharge.

Thai Domestic Shipping Standard (Baht)
Weight(kg) Dimension(cm) The DST is BKK&PRT The DST is UPC
≤1kg ≤40 25 35
≤2kg ≤50 30 40
≤3kg ≤60 35 45
≤4kg ≤70 40 50
≤5kg ≤80 45 55
≤50kg ≤280 45+(15*Each Kg. over from 5kg.) 50+(10*Each KG over from 5 kg.)
45+(15*Every 5 cm. over from 80 cm.) 50+(10*Every 5 cm. over from 80 cm.)
Maximum weight 50KG, maximum size 280CM Every 5CM increase in size =1KG

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