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1、 Yes, we do provide COD service for any customers that require this service, 2、 Shipper must sign contract with the documents listed below. 3、 (1)A Copy of Business License 4、 (2)A Copy of ID card of an authorized person/representative 5、 (3)COD Bank Account Information

1、 If the sender selected our Collect on Delivery (COD) service, you must pay at the time of delivery. Please know that you cannot pay for COD. shipments in advance and may not inspect a shipment without paying. 2、 Currently, consignees can only pay the COD by cash. If you're not available to provide payment on the delivery date, please call us (02)168-2111 or the courier to redirect the package to another address or to have the package held at Flash Express Branch, where available.

1、 We (Usually our cashier)will transfer the COD amount to the shippers within the next 2 working days after the shipment has been delivered to the consignee and the COD amount has been collected successfully from the consignee. 2、 If you still received no payment from Flash Express in 3 working days, please call us (02)168-2111.

1、 Usually, the transferring process will take 1-2 working days. 2、 Shipper may contact parcel shop staff or contact (02)168-2111 to inquire the COD transfer status. Please prepare the consignment number and documents of proof of delivery when making an inquiry.

1、 Please contact the salesman to inquire COD account change details.

1、 We can't offer you electronic billing at present. But we can offer you receipt or billing. 2、 Please note that the receipt or tax invoice can be issued at the Service Branch where the service took place. Please take along with your waybill to get your tax invoice.