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What type of articles are prohibited by Flash Express?

Last update 11.12.2561

The following articles are prohibited from shipment by Flash Express:

(1)Various living animals.

(2)The bones of humans or animals, including parts and organs of the body.

(3)Cold food and perishable items (such as fruits, vegetables, etc.).

(4)Drugs and dangerous drugs.

(5)Illegal forgery of articles, articles prohibited by circulation or shipment by national laws.

(6)Dangerous goods, explosives, toxic substances, and firearms, ammunition and control equipment.

(7)All porn products.

(8)All financial contract documents: such as stocks and bonds.

(9)Oxidizers, peroxides, sprayers and flammable materials.

(10)Unpackaged or packaged packages that do not conform to the goods.

(11)Infringement of intellectual property rights and counterfeit and shoddy goods.

(12)Valuables: such as cash, gold, credit cards, etc.

(13)Goods with a strong odor: such as durian.

(14)Fragile goods, or goods that can cause other packages to be lost.

(15)All liquids.

(16)Confidential documents, as well as supporting documents issued by the government to citizens: such as ID cards, passports, driver's licenses, etc.

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