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Avoid Parcel Damage with 5 Packaging Tips

08.01.2562|By Flash Express

While sending your parcels, there’s more than simply pack your items in a box and sending it out. Packing it in a right way is necessary. No one wishes to open a parcel with damaged items, and although some accidents may happen, most of them can usually be avoided if you follow these tips listed below.

Avoid Parcel Damage with 5 Packaging Tips

1. Packing with New Two Layered Box

It’s of great importance for you to use a brand-new box ensuring the safety of your items. New two layered boxes are the preferred packaging option instead of second-hand box. Two layered packaging boxes consist of two sheets of corrugated cardboard closely stuck together, protecting the items inside.

2. Need Enough Internal Packaging Material

No matter what size your items to be sent is, it’s always better to pack it with plenty of internal packaging material, such as packaging foam. Since extra layer of packaging material adds an additional protection for your parcels, we’d strongly recommend a minimum packaging with of 5cm, or 10cm sheets, which enough to avoid damage.

3. Check the Maximum Weight Your Box Can Hold

Before you buy a box to send out your delivery items, make sure you double check the maximum weight it can hold and weigh your items before you buy. If you take risk to packing your items in a box that can’t handle your weight, it’s more likely you’ll suffer item damaging during delivery. You’d better measure and weigh your packaged parcel before delivery which ensures you won’t pay any additional fees if your parcel is bigger or heavier than you first stated.

4. Don’t Package Your Items in Fabric or Cloth Bags

Although packaging with fabric or cloth material may look better than cardboard box, but it can only provide minimal protection for your items inside. Most of us are more care about items inside the package instead of the looks of the packaging when it arrives. Packing with a strong, sturdy material will keep your parcels in one piece throughout delivery.

5. Use Strong Parcel Tape or String to Seal Tightly Your Box

Seal tightly your box with sturdy tape or string which is strong enough to withstand transportation. When choosing your sealing materials, make sure you’ll use strong parcel tape or string to seal your package. When you finish packaging your item inside and make sure your packaging is secure, tape tightly around all the edges of your box as well, which will strengthen the edges and corners in case that your parcel will fall open in transportation.

All of these tips are especially truly useful when sending your parcel. Remember, simply adding a 'fragile' or ‘handle with care’ label can’t replace careful packaging before shipping. Parcels are usually processed by machines who can't read the additional labels and vehicles who can’t take care of your parcels in transit. Do you have any better packaging tips? Share them with us via Facebook or Twitter!