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7 Reasons Why You Choose Flash Express?

20.07.2562|By Flash Express

New enhancements and fast growth every day to Flash Express service have made it an even more attractive option for Thailand businesses and people which can sure rely on fast, dependable, cost-effective express shipping service.

7 Reasons Why You Choose Flash Express?

1.Wider Delivery Coverage

We have been dedicated to providing faster, more convenient, affordable shipping service and better coverage for Thailand business and people.Flash Express can deliver your parcels all over the Thailand and provide delivery by 6 p.m.Flash Express can even deliver your parcels on Saturdays and Sundays in Thailand, we’re the first one in Thailand who can pick up and deliver parcels on weekends. We’ve improved our shipping service and reduced transit times and shipping cost for Flash Express.

2.More Service Options

Our wide range of shipping services means you’ll always find the right options for whatever you’re shipping. We deliver parcels throughout the whole Thailand, whether it’s small box or large heavyweight parcel, a single package or multiple parcels at the same time. We just opened Large-scale logistics – Flash Logistics..

3.Simple but More Effective

With our effective, free online shipping tools, you can manage your shipments, then track their real time status or choose to get proactive notifications on Flash Express APP. They’re just as easy to use.

4.Live support

We ship to the whole Thailand and we’ve got Customer Service Centers and Call Center when you need any help, or choose to chat on our APP with Flash Express.

5.Peace of mind

Make Flash Express your first shipping choice in Thailand and you can ship your parcels with complete trust and assurance. Our unrivalled expertise express service will sure take your worry out.


Sound packaging is essential to the safe delivery of your shipment, so we’ve provided you with our own range of shipping packing supplies – boxes, tubes, envelopes and more, which can save you a lot for packaging.


We provide proof of delivery on every order and freighting warranty, so there’s no room for doubt.